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Is there still a lack of baseball

2022-07-01 19:02Baseball Jacket matching
Summary: Why is baseball popular abroad, but rarely seen in ChinaSecond, social factors. In society, people's understanding of baseball is too low. According to an unofficial data survey, people basically k
Why is baseball popular abroad, but rarely seen in China
Second, social factors. In society, people's understanding of baseball is too low. According to an unofficial dataIs there still a lack of baseball survey, people basically know less than 0.1% about baseball. Many people can't tell baseball from softball and think it's the same sport. The school did not include baseball in its physical education curriculum, nor did it have many professional venues and excellent coaches. SysIs there still a lack of baseballtemWhy is there no baseball game in China? There seems to be no school competition
This is because baseball has not been welcomed and recognized by everyone in China. In addition, baseball has very high requirements for venues, so it also leads to the lack of professional baseball venues in China. At the same time, the promotion of baseball in China is also very bad, and even many people don't even know the rules and criteria of baseball. SoBaseball is very popular in Britain and South Korea. Why can't it be popular in China
The standard baseball field has a large area, with a sideline length of 97.54 meters, a centerline length of 121.88 meters, and a distance of 18.25 meters from the home plate to the back block. The infield area is paved with red clay, and the surrounding lawn should be maintained frequently. The utilization rate is very low, so it is impossible to play baseball. If you play football, you can walk the track and run. Second, Chengdu is not popular enoughAbout baseball, do you know why it is not popular in China
Baseball needs not only enough fields, but also clubs, helmets, gloves, etc. In fact, baseball is especially suitable for China. I think if you play baseball, you need to save a lot of problems. Due to traditional reasons, baseball has not been well developed. This is not because Chinese people are born to dislike playing baseball. In fact, baseball is very addictive. BaseballWhy is there no baseball in London Olympic Games
In addition, baseball lacks a mass base around the world (a few countries and regions have carried out better, such as the United States, Japan, Taiwan Province, etc.). Another important reason is that the United States has always been in a monopoly position in this project, and other countries are only sparring. Softball is very similar to baseballWhy is there no baseball in the Olympic Games
Only with the approval of the majority of voters can these sports remain in the Olympic Games. The delegates voted one by one. As a result, baseball and softball were out, and the number of votes for softball was 52-52, with less than 50 votes for baseball. 2. Baseball and softball were not popularized all over the world, and then American professional baseball refused players to participate in the Olympic GamesCan baseIs there still a lack of baseballball be popularized in China in the future
Compared with football and basketball, baseball is a huge field, and this area cannot be preserved. Foot basketball can be played in small court and half court. Two people can have a good time in a place as wide as the sidewalk. People have little influence. Dare you play baseball on the small court? Baseball meets passers-by by by chanceWhy is baseball not popular in China
Compared with other countries, parents in our country have a higher level of care for their children, and often they won't let their children participate in some dangerous things. Remember that when I was a child, my parents wouldn't let me go fishing by the river. I need to learn to swim before I can go. However, the risk factor of baseball still existIs there still a lack of baseballsWhy are there few people who like baseball in China
First of all, there are almost no baseball courses in Colleges and universities, which reduces the opportunity to learn about baseball from the root. On the contrary, basketball, football and other easy courses are related to punters from old to young. In addition, there is almost no broadcasting of Baseball League in China, and ordinary people rarely have the opportunity to contact this sportWhy is baseball not popular in China
For example, the new baseball stadium in Beijing is built to meet the requirements of the Olympic Games) or the national system is built for the national teams of local teams. In addition, there are various other factors that make baseball unable to develop and spread. Therefore, as the second floor said, we may not touch baseball for a lifetime
Is there still a lack of baseball

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